The Psychedelic Furs – “Don’t Believe”

The last time the Psychedelic Furs released an album was way back in 1991. They then spent much of the ensuing decade inactive, with core members Richard and Tim Butler moving on to Love Spit Love (and covering “How Soon Is Now?” for the The Craft and the Charmed theme song). The Furs regrouped in the early ’00s, having toured intermittently since — and their shows often proved how indelible their classic songs remained. One would’ve imagined that was it, a band comfortable to revisit their legacy from time to time, play the beloved hits, etc. But then last year, the band announced they had signed a new record deal and were preparing to release their first album in almost three decades.

The album is called Made Of Rain and it will arrive at the beginning of May, just two months shy of the 29th anniversary of their last album, World Outside. They’ve already previewed the album a bit — they were playing its opener, “The Boy That Invented Rock & Roll,” live last year — but otherwise there is still a lot to be curious about here. The Psychedelic Furs’ singles were a pretty impeccable collection of post-punk and new wave, and anyone who’s seen them recently can tell you that Richard Butler’s always-evocative voice has held up extraordinarily well. But still: What are the Psychedelic Furs going to sound like after a 29 year break from releasing albums?

If lead single “Don’t Believe” is anything to go by, the answer is: They will sound like those 29 years didn’t even happen. This is a good thing! “Don’t Believe” is a churning, nocturnal track that harkens back to a kind of darker, heavier sound some of the ’80s greats adopted as they transitioned into the ’90s. More importantly, “Don’t Believe” is the kind of gratifying reintroduction that comes right from the Furs’ wheelhouse: gloomy guitar swirls, sax wails, Butler’s voice sounding like he hasn’t aged at all, a big desperate chorus.

Even as the sounds of the late ’70s and early ’80s now seem permanently in-vogue, it’s rare that a legacy artist from that time returns and taps into the magic of those days with new music. But “Don’t Believe” is a jam that sounds like it’s going to fit right in alongside the Psychedelic Furs songs we’ve already known our whole lives. Check it out below.


01 “The Boy That Invented Rock & Roll”
02 “Don’t Believe”
03 “You’ll Be Mine”
04 “Wrong Train”
05 “This’ll Never Be Like Love”
06 “Ash Wednesday”
07 “Come All Ye Faithful”
08 “No-One”
09 “Tiny Hands”
10 “Hide The Medicine”
11 “Turn Your Back On Me”
12 “Stars”

Made Of Rain is out 5/1 via Cooking Vinyl. Pre-order it here.