Kamaiyah – “Set It Up” (Feat. Trina)

It’s been more than two years since the overwhelmingly tough Oakland rapper Kamaiyah has come out with a full-length. The last project we got from her was Before I Wake, a deeply satisfying mixtape that she released back in the fall of 2017. Since then, we’ve been getting occasional one-off tracks like the Quavo/Tyga collab “Windows” and the triumphant recent single “Still I Am.” So it’s exciting to learn that we’re finally about to get a new Kamaiyah mixtape before the month is out.

Pitchfork reports that Kamaiyah is releasing a new mixtape called Got It Made in a couple of weeks. We don’t have a whole lot of info on the project yet. It’s about half an hour long, and it’s got 10 songs. “Still I Am” is on it; “Windows” is not. (This is encouraging.) We also have a new single, and it’s an extremely good one. On “Set It Up,” Kamaiyah raps with force and charisma over an excellent digital-bassline rumble from producers Kenny Produced It and DJ Banks. The track finds Kamaiyah teaming up with Trina, the hard-as-hell Miami rap veteran, and it’s an inspired pairing.

On “Set It Up,” Kamaiyah and Trina both rap about taking their vengeance on a cheating dude, smashing up his car and running up big charges on his credit card. Also, Trina promises to piss in somebody’s mouth. This is the good shit. Listen to “Set It Up” below.

The Got It Made mixtape is out 2/21 on GRND.WRK/Empire.

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