Hamilton Leithauser – “Here They Come”

Hamilton Leithauser – “Here They Come”

It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard a new song from Hamilton Leithauser, but all week he’s been hinting that’s about to change. On socials, Leithauser has been steadily teasing the arrival of a new single. And yesterday, we got an amusing preview of the track in a short clip that featured Ethan Hawke beating Leithauser up. Today, the song in question, “Here They Come,” is finally here.

In a voiceover in yesterday’s video, Leithauser explained that all the songs on his forthcoming album are about specific people. “‘Here They Come’ is about a friend who tends to run from his problems,” he said today in a press release. “When the going gets tough, he tends to just cut and run. The song is about the specific moment when the lights are coming up in a movie theater where he’s been hiding out all day, and life’s complications are just coming back into focus.”

It’s a bemusing and compelling (and, honestly, all too relatable) scene, and the song sort of mimics it in structure. In the beginning, Leithauser is a murmur over gentle guitars, weaving an almost Simon & Garfunkel-esque melody around grave scenarios like being ushered out of the theater once “all your candy’s gone” and with “popcorn in your loafers.” Then the song bursts open into a livelier but also more aggrieved passage, Leithauser’s delivery intensifying as he sings, “I was a fool/ I was blind/ I kept my eyes shut half the time,” the rest of the song echoing our protagonist becoming overwhelmed with his worries once he’s back in the outside world. Check it out below.

“Here They Come” is out now on Glassnote Records.

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