Watch Ethan Hawke Beat Up Hamilton Leithauser In New Song Teaser

The last time Hamilton Leithauser released an album was back in September of 2016 — I Had A Dream That You Were Mine, his team-up with Rostam. Since then, he’s popped up here and there, most recently joining Lana Del Rey onstage to cover Bob Dylan; there was a collab with Angel Olsen, and some other covers along the way. But as of this week, Leithauser’s been teasing new music on socials, promising a forthcoming single “Here They Come” and a new album.

While the song itself hasn’t arrived today in full, Leithauser did unveil a teaser video. Billed as “Episode One,” it depicts Leithauser walking down a street in Harlem, describing “Here They Come” in voiceover. He explains his new songs are all character sketches of real people, “Here They Come” being about a friend “who’s always running from his problems.” Starting to mull over how people would react to hearing themselves in this new material, he goes to seek the counsel of a friend.

The friend, it turns out, is Ethan Hawke, who is impatiently waiting for Leithauser at Café Carlyle (where Leithauser recently had a series of residency shows). Hawke already seems a bit annoyed when Leithauser shows up, and things only get worse for Leithauser as Hawke fidgets through a bit of “Here They Come” and then has a … strong reaction. Maybe he’s the friend the song is about? You can watch the video and hear a bit of the new song below.

Hopefully “Episode Two” goes a bit better for Mr. Leithauser.