Hamilton Leithauser – “Heartstruck (Wild Hunger)” (Feat. Angel Olsen) Video

Hamilton Leithauser recently teamed up with Angel Olsen on a song called “Heartstruck (Wild Hunger),” and now he’s returned with a new music video for their duet. Directed by SIMONITES and with creative by Preacher, the clip finds the once and future Walkman carrying his guitar through Marfa, Texas while several different women sing Olsen’s part. “We wanted to use a few symbols throughout — the car, the pink scarf, the burning heart — as constant reminders, the things that you project your feelings upon that you can’t help but notice every time they pass,” says Rob Baird, Preacher’s chief creative officer, in a statement. “Most importantly, we really wanted to craft an ending that leaves the viewer with a bit of despair themselves, knowing that this isn’t an A-to- B story, but a circular one. Nothing gets resolved, nothing really gets easier, but you’ve got to keep going. It’s hard, but beautiful in it’s own way.” Watch below.