Joey Kramer’s Back In Aerosmith, Didn’t Even Have To Audition

One of the most brutal classic rock dramas of this young year has apparently come to a close. As January waned and the Grammys grew closer, suddenly Aerosmith were in the news a whole bunch. The reason was that their drummer Joey Kramer — who has been in the band since its inception in 1970 — was suing them, claiming they were unfairly barring him from performing at the Grammys, where the group was being honored as 2020’s MusiCares Person Of The Year.

In his suit, Kramer claimed that after a six month disability leave, his bandmates required him to audition to rejoin them onstage for their ongoing Las Vegas residency in the fall, asking him to play to a click track. This obviously caused some bad blood — as well as, according to Kramer, a resurgence of his health issues — and even led to some excruciating moments, like the video that surfaced of Kramer being blocked from entering Aerosmith’s rehearsal by some very un-intimidating hired security. Eventually, a judge ruled in the band’s favor regarding the timeline for Grammys prep and Kramer not being able to return after a lengthy absence; the performance went on without him.

But apparently the band has put all of this behind them. As TMZ reports, Kramer is set to play with Aerosmith tonight, at the latest installment of the Vegas residency. And it gets even better: They didn’t even make him audition this time! TMZ’s sources call it an act of “good faith” between the old friends. Thankfully, 2020 is now on the right track, with the real version of Aerosmith restored. Everything is in its right place. You could even say Joey Kramer is … back in the saddle again. (Sorry.)