Caroline Rose – “Freak Like Me”

Artist To Watch Caroline Rose is releasing her new album, Superstar, next month, the follow-up to 2018’s excellent LONER. We’ve heard the very catchy “Feel The Way I Want” from it already, and today we’re getting “Freak Like Me,” which more of a sultry, moody simmer. “All I’ve ever needed are some handcuffs and a passenger seat,” Rose sings. “I kick back like there’s no tomorrow/ I beg, steal, or borrow/ I like it all hang free/ Cus you’re a freak like me.” Here’s Rose on the song:

‘Freak Like Me’ is a S&M-themed love song about falling in love with your dominatrix. The song’s melody is very floral and beautiful. I imagine it as some sort of delicate dress dancing around 17th century Versailles. I wanted to juxtapose this daintiness with grotesque lyrics. I’ve always wanted to write a pretty song with the word ‘vomit’ in it. Paradoxes are fun.

I had been wanting to sample Aaron Embry’s ‘Raven Song’ in a beat for the longest time. Then I had this kind of ‘ah ha!’ moment while working on the song on tour. I chopped up the sample, pitched it and it just fit perfectly. It really took the song to another level and completed the paradox.

Listen to it below.

Superstar is out 3/6 via New West. Pre-order it here.