Six Organs Of Admittance – “The 101″

The oblique and spaced-out guitar visionary Ben Chasny has been making music under the name Six Organs Of Admittance for more than two decades. He’s ventured off into various realms — folk, psychedelia, experimental music — and he’s twisted them up into all sorts of different fusions. Next week, Chasny will release the new Six Organs album Companion Rises. We’ve already posted “Two Forms Moving,” the warm and bucolic and homespun lead single. Today, Chasny pushes his sound into a different direction with the new song “The 101.”

“The 101′ is a blurry sort of ramble, but it’s also got some of the swirling, fuzzed-out heaviness that Chasny used to crank up as a member of the pedal-mashing psychedelic rock band Comets On Fire. These days, Chasny is based in Massachusetts, and there’s at least a little bit of Dinosaur Jr. in this one.

In director Elisa Ambrogio’s video for “The 101,” Chasny opens things up by wandering off into a forest and plugging an electric guitar into the dirt. That’s basically the vibe of this one. Check out the song below.

Companion Rises is out 2/21 on Drag City. Pre-order it here.