Yumi Zouma – “Southwark”

Yumi Zouma – “Southwark”

A couple weeks ago, the dreamy New Zealand art-pop group Yumi Zouma announced Truth Or Consequences, their first album for Polyvinyl. So far, we’ve heard “Right Track/Wrong Man” and “Cool For A Second.” And today, they’re back with another one.

Their latest preview of Truth Or Consequences is called “Southwark.” Here’s what singer Christie Simpson had to say about it:

[“Southwark”] feels like a dedication, a mantra, a promise to myself. I wrote the chorus line about the someone in particular that I was with at the time, but it now feels like a universal truth for my relationships, a dedication that goes to every person I’ve loved and those that I’m still loving now. I can be quite dramatic in love and relationships, and I don’t always do or say the right thing when I should, but I do throw myself in completely (for better or worse). I loved that idea of repeating that dedication — “I am imperfectly yours.” This track has haunted me a little every time I listen, there’s something melancholy that sits in there alongside that overall feeling of quiet elation. I suppose that speaks to the classic dichotomy of love and relationships — nothing is ever 100% good or perfect, and that’s what I am constantly trying to come to terms with.

Unsurprisingly, “Southwark” has all the characteristic glimmer and precision of Yumi Zouma’s particular aesthetic. Everything sounds pristine — the little synth waves, the interlocking vocal patterns, little popping percussion noises. Altogether, it could sound wistful but also swooning, effectively tracing the emotional murk that inspired Simpson. “Southwark” also comes with a video that is sort of half-performance video, half-lyric video, with clips of the band meandering around the coast interspersed. Check it out below.

Truth Or Consequences is out 3/13 on Polyvinyl. Pre-order it here.

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