Portrayal Of Guilt – “The End Of Man Will Bring Peace To This Earth”

Portrayal Of Guilt – “The End Of Man Will Bring Peace To This Earth”

The Austin band Portrayal Of Guilt build on the sound of late-’90s screamo, playing an intense and frenetic version of the genre that draws on things like death metal and noise-rock. Since releasing their absolutely devastating 2018 debut album Let Pain Be Your Guide, they’ve been on an absolute tear. Last year, they released a great EP called Suffering Is A Gift and a split with Soft Kill. Today, they’ve got another new split, and their new song is a motherfucker.

Portrayal Of Guilt’s new jam is a fearsome, committed ripper with the poignant and probably-accurate title “The End Of Man Will Bring Peace To This Earth.” The music is the kind of thing that you would expect from that title. It starts out with an urgently angular guitar sound, lurches into a full-on extreme-metal blitzkrieg, and then layers on dynamic changes that jerk you around without ever letting up. After three minutes of it, you might feel like you’ve been sucked up and spit out by a hurricane. It rips.

The flipside also rips. Portrayal Of Guilt are sharing this split with Atlanta’s similarly jagged screamo revivalists Slow Fire Pistol, who have been releasing music since 2016. Slow Fire Pistol includes members of Atlanta hardcore bands like Foundation and Criminal Instinct, and they’ve put out a few EPs, but they don’t yet have a full-length album to their name. Their whiplash-inducing five-minute rage-out “Heart Of Discernment” is a pretty good sign that you should have this band on your radar. Check out both songs below.

The Portrayal Of Guilt/Slow Fire Pistol split is out now on Run For Cover, and you can get it at Bandcamp.

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