Land Of Talk – “Weight Of That Weekend”

After reviving her Land Of Talk project in 2015, Broken Social Scene affiliate and perennially underrated indie rock treasure Elizabeth Powell ended a seven-year break between albums with 2017’s Life After Youth. She’s since guested on a very good American Football song, and in May she’ll return with another new Land Of Talk LP.

Powell’s latest album is called Indistinct Conversations. She produced and arranged it with bandmates Mark “Bucky” Wheaton (drums/keys) and Christopher McCarron (bass) at her home. Lead single “Weight Of That Weekend,” out today, exemplifies the melancholy beauty that has always coursed through her songwriting. Rather than rocking out like early Land Of Talk material, this one’s a deeply pretty mid-tempo folk-rocker. “This is a prayer for love,” Powell intones, her voice strong and sweetly melodious but threatening to break from fatigue.

In a press release, Powell writes:

“Weight of That Weekend” is a recognition of having been on the receiving end of a lifetime of sexual coercion, assault, boundary violations, and subsequent gaslighting. It all just came to light after an especially heavy weekend a few summers back. I was so sick of carrying all this weight that wasn’t mine to bear. So sick of being owned by all of this. Imposed on me mostly by men. I grew so sick of suffering and being slowed down by this weight. The song is a prayer for a lightness of being. A prayer for capital “L” Love.

Listen below.

01 “Diaphanous”
02 “Look To You (Intro)”
03 “Look To You”
04 “Weight Of That Weekend”
05 “Love In 2 Stages”
06 “Compelled”
07 “Footnotes”
08 “A/B Futures”
09 “Festivals”
10 “Now You Want To Live In The Light”
11 “Indistinct Conversations”

Indistinct Conversations is out 5/15 via Saddle Creek. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Joseph Yarmush
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