American Football – “Every Wave To Ever Rise” (Feat. Elizabeth Powell)

Reunited emo mainstays American Football have released a new song today called “Every Wave To Ever Rise.” The track features guest vocals from Land Of Talk’s Elizabeth Powell. It’s the latest single from the band’s third self-titled LP, and if you’ve paid attention to any of the previous releases, the record is shaping up to a total powerhouse. This estimation is based on both the superb choices of collaborators as well as the complex musicality and ideas lyrically tackled. (Ha. Get it. Football. Tackle.)

Silhouettes,” the ridiculously good lead single, proved that the band can not only withstand the test of time, but are also willing to embrace a sonic evolution. The next advance track, “Uncomfortably Numb,” recruited emo legend Hayley Williams for a melancholic duet. There is also an upcoming collaboration to round out the feature trio that we have yet to hear with Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell.

The song opens with a layered minor arpeggiated riff, which opens up a swaying tempo. It gets super meta when Kinsella sings, “All the ballads sing to me / One by one slip into a minor key.” And as if this self-awareness wasn’t already musically and lyrically intricate enough, Powell then sings some of her lines in French — another casual layer in the matrix.

Here’s frontman Mike Kinsella on how the multilingual collab came to be:

“We were all crazy about her voice already, so we reached out to see if she’d be interested and she was! The melody and some fill in lyrics were already written and demoed but once she was on board I thought it’d be fun / add some depth to her ‘character’ by having her sing a line in French. So I wrote some lines and sent them to her, and then she translated them for me in the way a person who spoke French would actually say them. She was so cool and helpful and it turned into literally my favorite part of the album.”

Listen to “Every Wave To Ever Rise” below.

American Football is out 3/22 via Polyvinyl. Pre-order it here.