Duck Sauce – “Get To Steppin”

Duck Sauce – “Get To Steppin”

Back in the early days of this decade, the genre-roaming turntable master A-Trak joined forces with the house pioneer Armand Van Helden to form a duo called Duck Sauce. They made some true bangers and released one album, 2014’s Quack. Then they went away. Now they’re back. When the Coachella lineup came out at the beginning of the year, Duck Sauce were on it. Last month, Duck Sauce released “Smiley Face,” their first new single in six years. And today, they’ve got another new jam called “Get To Steppin.”

Like “Smiley Face” before it, “Get To Steppin” is a euphoric house track built from a sample of an old funk track. “Smiley Face” flipped “Make Someone Feel Happy Today,” a 1980 track from Two Tons O’ Fun. And as DJ Mag points out, “Get To Steppin” pulls from “Keep On Steppin,” a 1974 song from the Fatback Band, the underrated funk legends who also happened to be the first group ever to release a rap single.

“Get To Steppin” takes the slow, languid groove and the vocal chants of “Keep On Steppin” and speeds them way up, building a hands-in-the-air house stomper out of them. A-Trak and Van Helden know what they’re doing; they understand the time-tested tension-and-release structure of a good house track. The new song is a blast, and you can hear it below.

“Get To Steppin” is out now on the streaming services.

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