Neil Young Endorses Bernie Sanders, Ignores CSNY Benefit Idea For Now

Last month, Neil Young published an open letter on his website Neil Young Archives in which he called Donald Trump “a disgrace to my country” (Young is a fresh American citizen) and basically endorsed Bernie Sanders for President (“His initials are BS. Not his policies.”).

Now, he’s made that endorsement official with an article in his personal online newspaper NYA Times-Contrarian. In an extended article that was written a couple days ago, he says: “I support Bernie because I listen to what he says. Every point he makes is what I believe in. Every one. In 2016, if Bernie had run instead of Hillary Clinton, I think we would not have the incompetent mess we have now.”

He goes on to criticize the Democratic party, and says that though he initially registered under the party he will soon be a registered Independent. “As a new citizen, I was excited to register to vote,” he writes. “Outside the courthouse after I was naturalized (funny word for it) there was a Democrat Party Registration booth. I registered. My first error as a U.S. citizen will be corrected now. I am registering Independent. The wheels are in motion. I don’t trust the DNC because I think the DNC is pushing their own agenda over the good of our country.”

Read his full piece here.

In other Young news, last week David Crosby sent out a tweet responding to a fan asking whether or not CSNY would ever reunite for a Bernie concert. Crosby’s response: “I asked Neil but I got no answer at all …dead air my hopes for that are on hold …painfully.”