Neil Young Finally Gets His American Citizenship

Neil Young has a lot of opinions about American political issues. And now, he’ll be able to exercise his right to vote on those issues. That’s right: TMZ reports that after decades of living in California, the Canadian-born rocker has finally become a United States citizen.

Young decided to pursue dual Canadian and American citizenship last year so that he would be able to vote (against his nemesis Donald Trump) in the upcoming 2020 election. And although his application was delayed in November due to an alert trigged by his marijuana usage — thanks, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions! — he has now officially passed his Good Moral Character test.

Young was granted his US citizenship at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Wednesday, where he was spotted leaving the Oath Ceremony with his wife Daryl Hannah, holding his naturalization documents and waving a small American flag. “I’m Happy to Report I’m In!!” Young wrote in an post on his official website yesterday. “Vote your conscience.”

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