Shura – “elevator girl” (Feat. Ivy Sole)

The UK dance-pop musician Shura, a 2014-vintage Artist To Watch on this here website, just released her sophomore LP forevher last year. Today, she’s come out with a new song — one that, at least for right now, appears to be a one-off single. Shura doesn’t make too many collaborations, but she’s made one now. The new “Elevator Girl” is a team-up with the thoughtful Philadelphia-based rapper Ivy Sole, and it represents a stylistic left turn for Shura.

Where Shura has spent a couple of albums exploring dance music and synthpop, “Elevator Girl” goes in a different direction, drawing on the breezy R&B of the late ’90s. The sound suits her well; her breathy and sometimes whispery voice drifts high above a funky bass-lope. It’s a giddy crush song about a first date, and we could probably all use some hazy romanticism in our fraught-ass Monday mornings. Listen to the song and read what Shura has to say about it below.

In a press release, Shura says:

“Elevator Girl” is partly inspired by the time I had to get an elevator to my hotel room on the 22nd floor with a first date who I’d only just met in the lobby. When we entered, there were other people already in the elevator, so we stayed silent because it felt weird to address the awkwardness in front of strangers. But it’s also about the elation of a first date — the fact that it can make you feel kind of high without drugs. I’m stoked to have Ivy Sole contribute a verse because I’ve been a big fan ever since I first heard “Dream Girl”. I reached out over Instagram, we linked up in Brooklyn over coffee at The Lot Radio, and decided it would be fun to work on this together.

“Elevator Girl” is out now on the streaming services.

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