Charli XCX Announces New Album Made In Quarantine, How I’m Feeling Now, Out 5/15

Charli XCX Announces New Album Made In Quarantine, How I’m Feeling Now, Out 5/15

Charli XCX went into self-quarantine along with the rest of us last month, and she started things off by sharing diary entries that documented her current mood. Those expanded into a series of Instagram Live sessions with her friends and collaborators, and now she has announced that she is going to make a whole new album during quarantine, and she’s going to be documenting every step of the process and asking for her fan’s opinions and advice along the way. The album has the working title of How I’m Feeling Now and she’s locked herself into a release date of 5/15.

She announced all of this through a Zoom session earlier today. “The idea of the album is that it’s going to be very DIY, very indicative of the times that we’re in,” she said during the livestream. “I’m going to basically be making it live from scratch — there are a couple ideas in the works, but basically I’m starting from nothing.”

She will be co-executive producing the album alongside A. G. Cook (who is in Montana “with shitty WiFi”) and BJ Burton, who has worked with Bon Iver and Francis And The Lights.

“I’m only going to be using the tools I have in my fingertips, the people who I can reach online, the things I have in my house to create my music, my artwork, my videos, to create everything,” Charli said. “Obviously I’m a very collaborative artist, and I suppose in some ways this will be my most collaborative project because I want to open up the process to all of you, all of my fans. I’ll be sharing every single step of the way.”

She says she’s planning to open up an email for fans to communicate with her, and she will hold regular Zoom meetings and talk about the album through her various social media accounts. She also notes that she had made an album before deciding to start on this project, but that she “put [it] on pause because it didn’t feel right to release that right now.”

Check out her announcement below.

Charli’s most recent album was last year’s Charli.

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