Charli XCX Shares Her Quarantine Diary

Right now, most of us are having to adjust to an unfamiliar new reality where we can’t go out or interact face-to-face with other people. It’s pretty weird! And it’s only been a couple of days! From all appearances, most of us will have to coop ourselves up for the next couple of months, and we don’t know how this is going to look when it’s all over. At least one of our indie-world stars is letting us in on how all this is affecting her.

In recent months, Charli XCX has been keeping herself truly busy: New album, tours, tons of collaborations, Netflix reality show. But now she’s stuck inside like the rest of us. As of yesterday, Charli is sharing what she’s calling her “quarantine diary,” publicly attempting to make sense out of the whole shutting-down process: “Being a workaholic in quarantine is quite stressful… If I don’t have a million things going on, if my brain isn’t buzzing, this pit of doom starts opening up.” Who can relate?

We’ll probably see a whole lot more things like this soon enough: Artists reacting to an unprecedented circumstance by sharing their thoughts. Charli says that she’s trying to keep busy on various prospects, but she’s also thinking about how the pandemic will change the state of the music business going forward. It’s an interesting read. Check out her first entry below.

Shout out to the moment in however many weeks when we all emerge, blinking hamster-faced in the sunlight.

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