Watch The Trailer For Charli XCX’s Netflix Show I’m With The Band: Nasty Cherry

Charli XCX has worn a few different hats in the music industry. She’s had success both as a mutant, off-kilter pop star and as a behind-the-scenes songwriter with a handful of huge hits to her credit. These days, Charli is also trying on a few more. Earlier this year, Charli unveiled a new band called Nasty Cherry, a four-piece rock band that she helped put together. And now Charli is also getting her own Netflix series to document the creation of Nasty Cherry.

Back in March, when Nasty Cherry released their debut single “Win,” Charli introduced the band on Instagram, saying that she’d been co-writing with them and working on a debut EP. (Producer Justin Raisen, a longtime Charli collaborator, is also involved.) But Charli didn’t mention the forthcoming reality show I’m With The Band: Nasty Cherry. That’s a surprise, but it turns out the show will hit Netflix next month. Charli serves as executive producer for the six-episode series.

In the trailer for the show, Charli introduces the band: “I wish, when I was 14, there was a band like Nasty Cherry.” And we see the members of the band — including Chloe Chaidez, also of Kitten — acting wacky together. Hopefully, the series itself will be more than just “wow, we’re crazy” hijinks. Watch the trailer below, via The FADER.

Meanwhile, Nasty Cherry shared the new song “Music With Your Dad” earlier this week. Justin Raisen produced and co-wrote it; Charli’s name isn’t in the credits Here it is:

I’m With The Band: Nasty Cherry is out 11/15 on Netflix. Nasty Cherry’s as-yet-untitled debut EP is coming in November.