Tommy Genesis & Charli XCX – “Bricks”

Charli XCX has been keeping herself extremely busy lately: Excellent new album, Netflix reality show, a whole lot of writing and guest appearances on other people’s songs. And now she’s got another new thing out: A single that she made with Tommy Genesis, a rapper, singer, and model who’s long been affiliated with Atlanta’s anarchic Awful Records rap crew. The two of them have teamed up on “Bricks,” a single produced by P. C. Music overlord A. G. Cook.

On “Bricks,” Charli and Tommy Genesis talk big shit over Cook’s squealing post-trap beat. It’s one of these songs where Charli almost raps. On her verse, she’s basically chanting about the glamorous life in a sort of Migos flow: “Out in Bangkok with the girls in the Phantom / Drop the bricks with the bricks in the mansion.”

“Bricks” isn’t actually a new song; it played during the 2018 film Assassination Nation. But the song, for whatever reason, has never been available commercially until today, when we finally get to hear the whole thing. It’s the first time that Charli and Tommy Genesis have teamed up on a song, though Genesis opened some of Charli’s recent tour. (On Instagram last year, Charli mentioned that she’d recorded a few songs with Genesis and Cook, so maybe we’ll hear more soon.) Listen to “Bricks” below.

“Bricks” is out now on the streaming services.