Watch Quasi Kick Off Quarantine Video Series & Demo New Song “Rotten Wrock”

The great drummer Janet Weiss had a rough summer last year. In the span of a month and a half, Weiss quit Sleater-Kinney, the band that had counted her as a member for the past 20 years, and got into a bad car accident. Because of that accident, Weiss had to cancel a tour with Quasi, her other longtime band. But now Quasi are coming back in an extremely right-now form: The teleconferencing video series.

Quasi is the duo of Weiss and her ex-husband Sam Coomes. They’ve been making music together since 1993, though they’ve been on the backburner for the previous few years. Mole City, Quasi’s most recent album, came out about seven years ago. Unless I’m forgetting something, we haven’t heard anything from the duo since they contributed a song to the compilation Battle Hymns in 2017.

Last night, Weiss announced the beginning of Quarantine Demos, “a Coronavirus lockdown video series in which Sam and I ‘document’ new Quasi songs from our respective basements.” In the first video, you can see the shaggy beginnings of a new Quasi song called “Rotten Wrock.” As it stands now, “Rotten Wrock” is the kind of loose and discordant indie rocker that’s always made Quasi such a fun project. In one of the splitscreen corners of the video, Weiss sings backup in a giant blonde wig and a fake leopard coat. It’s fun stuff. Watch it below.

Presumably, Quasi are doing this with the intention of releasing a record at some point, though god only knows when that will be.