Watch Waxahatchee & Kevin Morby Cover Big Star, Silver Jews, John Prine, Emmylou Harris

Waxahatchee just released Saint Cloud, an absolute stunner of an album, into the quarantine era. That means that Katie Crutchfield and her partner Kevin Morby are stuck at home together, and she can’t go anywhere or do anything to promote it. So instead, the two of them have been covering various favorite songs. Crutchfield shared her take on Carole Polachek’s “So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings” last week. And Crutchfield and Morby have regularly been getting together to do Instagram Live broadcasts.

Instagram Live videos aren’t supposed to stick around forever, but when two of our generation’s preeminent singer/songwriters are playing sets online, you would hope that someone would preserve those sets for posterity. Thankfully, someone has been. The YouTube account SuperSpurrs has been sharing those Morby/Crutchfield videos.

Here, for instance, is Crutchfield and Morby, together, covering Big Star’s 1978 song “Take Care“:

Here’s Katie Crutchfield doing an absolutely killer solo cover of the 1995 Emmylou Harris song “Where Will I Be,” a cover that she also did on Instagram today:

Here is Morby and Crutchfield doing the late David Berman’s 2008 Silver Jews song “We Could Be Looking For The Same Thing“:

Here’s Morby doing “Angel From Montgomery,” a 1971 John Prine song famously covered by Bonnie Raitt:

These guys are doing quarantine better than the rest of us.