Now Kesha’s Made A Song About Home Alone

Last month, Kesha shared a song about Nicolas Cage. “I’m on vacation, Leaving Las Vegas/ Request my presence here’s the number call my agent,” she sang on the track. “Bitch, I’m a National Treasure, I make it rain in the desert/ I got an octopus, I got a pyramid/ You think I’m extra? I’m on some Nicolas Cage shit.” And now, she’s made another song about another icon of American cinema: Macaulay Culkin.

“I’ve been bored at home so I made a song for u animals!!!” Kesha wrote on Twitter today. “And a little video 💃🏻It’s called HOME ALONE… dedicated to all of you sexy people hanging at home…..alone. and also dedicated to the one and only @IncredibleCulk 💗💗👻👻!!” Watch and listen to Kesha sing lines like “Cause you know I’m home alone, Macaulay Caulay Culkin” and “I’m setting booby traps in case you are a bad guy” below.