Kelly Lee Owens – “Night”

Kelly Lee Owens – “Night”

Kelly Lee Owens was planning to release her new album Inner Song next week. The plan has changed. Like many in the music industry, Owens has opted to delay her album until later this year, when the COVID-19 pandemic will hopefully be more under control and musicians will presumably be better able to promote their music. So Inner Song is now dropping in August.

That’s the bad news. The good news is we get to hear a new Inner Song track today, the album’s second single following “Melt!” Whereas that one was a hard-hitting techno track, the new “Night” is a bit more contemplative at first, its steady pulse shrouded in a gorgeous calm. Eventually it builds into thunderous haunted machine music before disintegrating back into nothing but the beat. Girl is two for two.

In a statement, Owens writes, “This track speaks as to how feelings and insights are more accessible to us at nighttime — how the veils are thinner somehow and therefore how we are more able to connect to our hearts true desires. I wanted to release this track as a gift to you during this crazy time, to give a part of my heart to you all.” Listen below.

Inner Song is out 8/28 on Smalltown Supersound. Pre-order it here.

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