It Might Be Time To Listen To Tame Impala’s Song Exploder Episode

The Slow Rush: Good album! Great album, even. Your mileage may vary. Consensus has been hard to come by. One thing we can all agree on, though, is that it took a long time to come out. What was Kevin Parker doing all those years? And how did he finally get going? Now we get to learn a bit more about all that, in Parker’s own words.

The popular Song Exploder podcast is back today with a new episode in which the Tame Impala maestro breaks down the creative process behind “It Might Be Time,” the Slow Rush single about feeling washed. As Parker explains, it was one of the first tracks he got to work on after the post-Currents era when he was collaborating with everybody from Lady Gaga to Travis Scott, when he got back to working alone on new Tame Impala music. The drums were a key element here, as you might expect given the Steven Drozd Soft Bulletin oomph that powers the track. We also get the image of Parker in the back of an Uber on the way home, thinking to himself, “Maybe I’m not good at partying after all.”

It’s fascinating stuff that has only elevated my appreciation for the song, so dig in below.