Here’s Weird Al As Ted Nugent On The Reno 911! Revival

Reno 911! cannot be killed. Way back in 2003, a bunch of former cast members of The State launched the Cops-style mockumentary, which ran for six seasons on Comedy Central. The series also spun off a 2007 movie, Reno 911!: Miami. And next week, Reno 911! will return as a daily series on the new meant-for-phones short-clips streaming service Quibi, also the home of the Chance The Rapper-hosted Punk’d reboot. The new season of Reno 911! will have appearances from luminaries like Tim Allen, Patton Oswalt, Dave Holmes, and Ron Perlman. It’ll also feature comedy-rock god “Weird Al” Yankovic in the role he was born to play.

On one episode of that new Reno 911! season, Yankovic will appear as Ted Nugent, the ’70s-vintage guitar-rock deity and current foaming-at-the-mouth right-wing psychopath. Yankovic has parodied dozens of rock and pop stars over the years, but he’s never taken on Nugent before. As far as I can tell, the only time Yankovic and Nugent have ever overlapped was when they both made cameos in the Ramones’ 1986 video for “Something To Believe In,” a parody of “We Are The World”-style all-star singalongs.

Behold the glory of Yankovic-as-Nugent:

Yankovic appears extremely briefly in the trailer for the new Reno 911! season, yelling at someone and making a fuss in what appears to be a backstage hallway. Here’s that trailer:

The new Reno 911! season debuts 5/4 on Quibi.