Guided By Voices Launch Subscription Service

The endlessly prolific Guided By Voices are launching a new subscription serviced called HOT FREAKS, named after a track off their classic 1994 album Bee Thousand.

In a post on their website, the band says that “a weekly email will deliver sneak previews of brand new songs, plus rarities, never-before-heard tracks, demos, live concert recordings, rare photos and videos, recording secrets, exclusive swag offers, and many more surprises from deep within the Guided By Voices vaults.”

Judging by how much music they’ve put out already over the last few decades, those vaults must be especially large. The HOT FREAKS subscription costs $100 a year, and the band notes: “Fine print: We kindly ask subscribers not to leak, share, upload, sell, broadcast or podcast the contents of HOT FREAKS. Thanks for your support and stay safe and healthy!”

More information is available here. GBV’s most recent album, Surrender Your Poppy Field, came out in January.