Hatchie & The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – “Sometimes Always” (The Jesus And Mary Chain Cover)

In 1994, the Jesus And Mary Chain got together with Mazzy Star singer Hope Sandoval to release the duet “Sometimes Always,” the lead single from the band’s Stoned And Dethroned album. It rules so hard. Sandoval and JAMC’s Jim Reid play an ex-couple who might get back together and might not, and they trade off lines about whether a reunion might be possible. The song has some of the prime sha-la-la shimmy of classic JAMC, but it’s also got a bit of a hazy countrified twang to it. It’s got hooks on hooks on hooks, and when Sandoval lets loose with the “you went away, but now you’re baa-aaa-aaa-aaa-aack” ending, it always makes me happy, even though she presumably shouldn’t let this guy back into her life. “Sometimes Always” was a minor UK hit, and it caused nary a ripple on US alt-rock radio. But for those of us who remember, it’s a classic.

Today, we get a new version of that classic. Hariette Pillbeam, the Australian dream-pop musician who records as Hatchie, teams up with Kip Berman’s long-running indie-pop project the Pains Of Being Pure At Heart to give us a new “Sometimes Always.” (Berman announced a few months ago that the Pains Of Being Pure At Heart had broken up; presumably, they recorded this one before the end.) The cover is a faithful take on the original, though the guitars are just a bit fuzzier.

In a press release, Hatchie says, “It was a dream come true to record this cover of one of my favourite collaborations with one of my favourite artists. I’m so glad it’s finally getting released because it’s extra special to me.” Listen to the cover and watch the video for the JAMC/Sandoval original below.

Hatchie had planned to release this “Sometimes Always” cover as a Record Store Day single. Instead, it’s now set to drop on Bandcamp tomorrow, and all sales go to benefit the Movement For Black Lives and the Loveland Foundation.