Dirty Projectors – “Inner World”

Dirty Projectors – “Inner World”

Dirty Projectors are pulling a mini King Gizzard and releasing five new EPs this year. The first four each feature a different member of the band on lead vocals, while all the vocalists will take turns on the fifth and final EP.

We’ve already gotten one of those EPs, the Maia Friedman-fronted Windows Open. And in a couple of weeks, we’re getting Flight Tower, sung by keyboardist/percussionist Felicia Douglass.

Today, Dirty Projectors are sharing “Inner World.” The second track from the EP following “Lose Your Love,” it also comes with a video directed by band leader Dave Longstreth. This is what they write about the song in a statement:

Today we’re happy to share “Inner World,” the next song from Flight Tower. We hope it can bring you serenity and solace during this tumultuous moment in history. The past few weeks have felt like an eternity, but now is not the time for silence or defeat. There’s always more to learn if you’re willing and that’s an incredible gift. Keep sharing information, asking questions, and using your eyes and your voice so we can work together towards a future that benefits everyone.

Listen below.

The Flight Tower EP is out 6/26 via Domino. You can pre-order a limited edition box set including all five EPs here, and you can pre-order Flight Tower here.

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