Tyla Yaweh – “Tommy Lee” (Feat. Post Malone)

Tyla Yaweh – “Tommy Lee” (Feat. Post Malone)

Earlier this week, the DaBaby/Roddy Ricch collab “Rockstar” became the #1 song in America. And now, the last chilled-out sing-rapper who made a #1 single named “Rockstar” has shown up on a new single named after a particular rockstar. Tylah Yaweh, an Orlando sing/rapper who served as opening act on Post Malone’s quarantine-curtailed arena tour, just teamed up with Posty himself on the new song “Tommy Lee,” which probably would be called “Rockstar” if it weren’t for all those other songs called “Rockstar.”

“Rockstar,” you will probably not be shocked to hear, is about living life like a rockstar. (It’s weird how this is now a popular trope in rap music at a time when new rockstars are such rare phenomena. It would really make more sense if young rock bands wrote songs about living life like they were Auto-Tuned sing-rappers. That life seems way more fun.) The song only mentions Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee — one of the few rock stars that you can name if you don’t actually like rock music that much — in passing. Post Malone namechecks Lee at the beginning of his verse: “Pull up with the drum like I’m Tommy Lee/ Yaweh got a stick, came to rock with me.” It’s a pun, see. Post Malone is talking about a gun. T-t-totally, dude.

Musically, “Tommy Lee” could’ve been blurped up by some streaming algorithm. It’s a hazy, watery melodic rap song built on a fluttery acoustic guitar figure. Pearl Lion, lead guitarist in the Saturday Night Live band, co-produced it with RVNES and XL Lion. Tommy Lee himself promises on Twitter that “the remix is coming next week.” Listen below.

“Tommy Lee” is out now on the streaming services. It’s worth noting, perhaps, that Mötley Crüe’s highest-charting single, 1989’s “Dr. Feelgood,” peaked at #6. Watch “Tommy Lee” fuck around and become a bigger hit than any of the songs that Tommy Lee actually played on. It will almost certainly be bigger than the last time Tommy Lee tried to ingratiate himself to the hip-hop zeitgeist:

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