Guerilla Toss – “Human Girl” & “Own Zone”

Guerilla Toss – “Human Girl” & “Own Zone”

The ongoing apparent end of Western civilization can’t stop the anarchic, experimental New York punk-funk crew Guerilla Toss. Towards the end of last year, Guerilla Toss came out with their sharp, melodically included What Would The Odd Do? EP. Today, they’ve followed it up with a new two-song 7″ single on Sub Pop.

On their two new songs, “Human Girl” and “Own Zone,” Guerilla Toss continue their progression away from the skittering, noise-addled attack of their earlier records and into juicier, more approachable dance-rock territory. “Human Girl” and “Own Zone” are both big, bright, electrically charged pop song full of zingy synth hooks and propulsive drumwork. Both songs could plausibly soundtrack party scenes in ’80s movies.

“Human Girl” has synthpop keyboard stabs, sinuous mutant-disco percussion, and a grand reach-for-the-sky chorus. “Own Zone” has playfully robotized vocoder vocals, staccato chanting, and lyrics that make existential dread sound fun. Both of them have Kassie Carlson projecting huge charisma everywhere. Both will be a lot of fun to hear in crowded rooms once we return to a reality where we can hear music in crowded rooms. Listen to both below.

The “Human Girl” b/w “Own Zone” single is out now on Sub Pop.

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