Stream Australian Hardcore Punk Band Geld’s Disgusting New Album Beyond The Floor

Melbourne’s Geld play an ugly, discordant, feverish form of hardcore punk. They’ve clearly studied the wildest and most chaotic forms of hardcore that the genre’s history has to offer; there’s a lot of Cleveland and Japan in their sound. But Geld’s music isn’t pastiche. Instead, it’s an urgent scramble, a messy bloodletting.

Two years ago, Geld released their debut album Perfect Texture, an album that impressed me with how unhinged and disgusting it was. Today, they’ve outdone that LP with the new record Beyond The Floor. The members of the band have said that the new LP draws on “psychedelic prog,” as well as hardcore and punk and metal. And it’s not all fast tantrum music. The songs can run long, and there are a few moments of quiet foreboding tension on Beyond The Floor. But those bits just make the nasty, furious parts sound even nastier and more furious.

You really need to be in the mood for a band like Geld if you’re going to give them a real shot. It’s not background music. But if you’re into the crazy, blurry side of hardcore — the frantic bands like Bib — then you’ll probably be into Beyond The Floor. Stream the album below.

Beyond The Floor is out now on Iron Lung Records/Static Shock Records.

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