Bill Callahan – “Another Song”

Bill Callahan is releasing one song from his new album Gold Record each Monday until the whole thing drops in September. Last Monday he shared the first one, “Pigeons,” which we ranked as the week’s very best song. Today he has shared another song.

Quite literally, he has shared “Another Song.” That’s what the second track on the LP is called. Qualitatively speaking, it’s not just another song. It’s a pleasant amble about retreating from responsibility to enjoy the person you love. Once again the lyrics are staggeringly beautiful, so much so that I felt compelled to type out like half the song just now because each elegantly simple vision so naturally spilled over into the next. I mean:

When work ain’t been workin’ all day/ Why don’t ya come on home for lunch and stay?/ We’ll start workin’ for love, not pay/ When work ain’t been workin’ all day/ We will finish our songs another day/ And watch the light as it fades away/ Lonesome in a pleasant way/ I guess the light that’s gone belongs to yesterday/ And the light that’s leavin’ takes its own sweet time/ Changin’ colors slowly like fruit on the vine/ And tonight, lord tonight, some of it is mine

Remember, Gold Record essentially comprises the leftovers from last year’s Shepherd In A Sheepskin Vest. What a legend. Listen below.

Gold Record is out 9/4 on Drag City.