My Morning Jacket Tease The Waterfall II

Spaced-out Southern rock heroes My Morning Jacket haven’t released a new album since 2015’s The Waterfall, but it looks like that’s about to change. Last night the band posted a short audio clip on Twitter set to footage of a waterfall. Shazam identifies it as a new song called “Feel You,” with cover art also featuring a waterfall. It seems The Waterfall II may soon be upon us.

Around the time of The Waterfall’s release, singer and band leader Jim James told interviewers about a second album’s worth of material from the same sessions. “The two records aren’t related or anything. I don’t want to put it out as, like, The Waterfall II or anything like that,” James told Grantland’s Steven Hyden. “I just think it’d be fun to put out another record a little bit quicker than we normally do.” It has not come out quickly, and it seemingly will be called The Waterfall II after all. In 2018, speaking with Hyden on his Celebration Rock podcast, James said The Waterfall II was done and the band just had to decide when to release it.

James has stayed busy, releasing a whopping five full-length solo albums in the five-year interim since The Waterfall, most recently last fall’s The Order Of Nature with Teddy Abrams and the Louisville Orchestra. Those releases have yielded some good music, but the prospect of a new MMJ LP is infinitely more appealing. Check out the teaser below.