Stream Year Of The Knife’s Hellacious Debut Album Internal Incarceration

The young Delaware band Year Of The Knife make an absolutely brutal form of metallic hardcore. They play fast and ugly, bu they’re not a basement band. Instead, YOTK’s sound has the grand-scale ferocity of some of the best death metal. It’s a truly satisfying form of pulverization. Today, we get to hear it in album form for the first time.

Year Of The Knife have been releasing music and touring hard since 2016, and last year, they released Ultimate Aggression, a compilation of their previously-released EPs. Today, YOTK release their first real LP. It’s called Internal Incarceration, and it’s a powerfully nasty piece of work. Listening to these 13 tracks feels like having a weed-whacker attack your face for half an hour, but in a good way.

The band recorded Internal Incarceration with Converge’s Kurt Ballou, a producer who knows how to make big, nasty music even bigger and nastier. We’ve already posted the early singles “Virtual Narcotic,” “Manipulation Artist,” and “Premonitions Of You.” The full album is every bit as ferocious as those songs suggest. Listen to it below.

Internal Incarceration is out now on Pure Noise Records.