Hulu Cancels High Fidelity

Hulu Cancels High Fidelity

Back in February, Hulu released the first season if its new High Fidelity TV series, a new adaptation of both the 1995 Nick Hornby novel and the 2000 Stephen Frears film. The TV version, from creators Veronica West and Sarah Kucserka, played around with the races and genders of its characters, but it kept the same tone. Zoë Kravitz played Rob, a Brooklyn record store owner who couldn’t get her shit together romantically. That first season was a lot of fun, a total delight. We won’t get another one.

Today, Variety reports that Hulu has cancelled High Fidelity after its first season. That’s too bad! Larry Fitzmaurice wrote about High Fidelity for our site, and he didn’t like it. But I watched the shit out of that show, and so did a most other people I know. Some of the music-nerd stuff was a bit off, and it was a little uninteresting to see the beats from the novel recreated. But the cast was extremely charismatic, and the whole thing was elite-level entertaining. High Fidelity didn’t attempt to create a whole world or cosmology around itself; it just let you watch a bunch of charming people be charming for half an hour at a time.

A second season of High Fidelity could’ve been really good! The story had moved beyond what was in the novel, so we wouldn’t have had that lingering deja vu. The actors had all grown into their characters. The staff could’ve hired someone in charge of preventing preventable screwups like the bit where Kravitz said “the Bee-ta Band.” But none of that is going to happen. In conclusion: Damn.

As our fond farewell, here’s Stereogum’s verbal cameo from episode seven of High Fidelity. This website does not, to the best of my knowledge, employ any freelancers who wear fedoras, and we’ve never assigned or run an Anthony Kiedis interview, but it was still fun to hear our website’s name on TV.

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