Mick Jagger And Adam Granduciel Discuss Their Stones Collaboration

Mick Jagger And Adam Granduciel Discuss Their Stones Collaboration

Earlier this month the War On Drugs revealed their officially sanctioned remix from the Rolling Stones’ upcoming reissue of 1973’s Goats Head Soup. War On Drugs architect Adam Granduciel had worked his magic on “Scarlet,” a previously unreleased track from the Goats Head Soup sessions featuring Jimmy Page on guitar. Today Granduciel and Mick Jagger have shared some background on the collaboration in an interview with Apple Music 1.

As you might expect, modern day classic rocker Granduciel was stoked to work on a Stones song, particularly one from the Stones era that first caught his attention as a child:

I grew up outside of Boston and “Angie” was the first rock song I think I ever wanted to hear over and over. I was probably nine, you know what I mean, nine or 10. And I had the Rewind album. And then I saw the Voodoo Lounge Tour when I was 14 and at the Foxboro Stadium in Boston and I was way up in the top of the football stadium. They look small even on this huge screen, and it was still just … I had never seen anything like that before. And when we started touring, yeah, Goats Head Soup was just one of our classics.

Jagger, naturally, brought a more casual perspective to the proceedings, but after some rambling he confirmed he is a War On Drugs fan:

Well, I thought that Adam might be interested in doing it. I thought he could do a good job, and make something slightly different. Because we got the original one — that original classic version that we recorded with Jimmy and Keith — I mean, that sounds really great, but it’s always good to have another take on it. So I thought Adam would do it, respecting the original, but doing something slightly different with it. And he did. I never heard of Adam before [laughs]. I never heard of War On Drugs. No, funny enough, I didn’t hear the first War On Drugs album. I realized that I heard the last one and the one before, I heard those two. And I always come to them a bit late with tracks like “Red Eyes” and “Pain” and things like that. So I was a bit late on it.

Granduciel says he was a little anxious about messing with drums that he falsely believed had been played by Ginger Baker: “I remember early, when the project came to me, there was talk that the original drummer was Ginger Baker from Cream. And so that was the myth for a minute. And I felt so bad that I had taken the groove and changed it. I was like, ‘I can’t believe I messed with Ginger Baker.'” However, Jagger checked in with Page and clarified that Baker wasn’t on that song: “He remembers everything,” Jagger says of Page. “He says, ‘No, it definitely wasn’t Ginger.'”

Check out footage from the interview here and revisit the remix below.

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