Mastodon – “Rufus Lives”

Mastodon – “Rufus Lives”

The long awaited third entry in the Bill & Ted saga — Bill & Ted Face The Music — is here. While the franchise has always had its musical associations, the latest installment brings that to the fore with the titular duo being tasked to write a song that can unite all of humanity. Earlier this week, we talked to the people behind the music in Bill & Ted to find out how they put it all together. That includes the music that Bill and Ted’s band Wyld Stallyns plays in the movie, the surrounding score, and a real-life soundtrack that tries to give a modern update to the riffs and shredding that Bill and Ted love so much.

Jonathan Leahy, the movie’s music supervisor, wanted to keep the franchise’s connection to metal intact without just exhuming the kind of late-era hair metal that populated the first two Bill & Ted movies. To that end, he turned to bands like Mastodon. Mastodon, as it turns out, has a lot going on right now. Earlier this year they discussed a new album in the works, and recently they announced a career-spanning collection of loose ends and ephemera called Medium Rarities. But along the way, they also made time to put together a new song for the Bill & Ted soundtrack.

Mastodon’s contribution to the collection is called “Rufus Lives.” It’ll likely come as no surprise that the song rips. It joins Weezer’s “Beginning Of The End” as one of the key contributions to the new Bill & Ted. (The soundtrack also features artists like Lamb Of God and FIDLAR.) Check it out below.

Bill & Ted Face The Music, The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is out now via 10K Projects.

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