Lo Tom – “Outta Here”

Lo Tom – “Outta Here”

Back in 2017, Pedro The Lion’s David Bazan and TW Walsh got together with Starflyer 59’s Trey Many and Jason Martin to form a new band called Lo Tom — not Buffalo Tom, that’s something else — and to release a self-titled debut album. Later this month, the reassembled Lo Tom will release their Kickstarter-funded sophomore album LP2. We’ve already posted their single “Start Payin,” and now they’ve shared another new song called “Outta Here.”

“Outta Here,” is a grand, surging jam that recalls ’80s and ’90s college rock. David Bazan has a big, muscular voice, and he always sings hard even when he’s singing intensely searching, quiet, insular stuff — as he so often is, both in Pedro The Lion and in his solo work. So it’s cool to hear him busting out a big rock song.

On “Outta Here,” Bazan sings about wanting to give up — a sentiment that many of us know pretty well. In a press release, the members of the band say that the song is “about not being able to hear yourself.” Check it out below.

The self-released LP2 is out 9/11.

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