Hundredth – “Bottle It Up”

The Myrtle Beach, South Carolina trio Hundredth started out making intense melodic hardcore a decade ago. In the years since then, they’ve been doing everything in their power to evolve. On their last album, 2017’s great RARE, the band took on a pronounced shoegaze influence, marrying big melodies to vast, crashing sounds. In the singles that they’ve released since then — including covers of Radiohead’s “Idioteque” and the Postal Service’s “Sleeping In,” both released earlier this year — Hundredth moved into more of a dream-pop zone. And today, Hundredth announce that they’re going full synthpop on their next record.

Next month, Hundredth will follow up RARE with a new album called Somewhere Nowhere. It’s their synth record. The band recorded the new album in San Francisco with engineer Sam Pura, developing the new sound from scratch. In a press release, frontman Chadwick Johnson says, “The goal is still to make the music that we want to hear, but now we’re just more influenced by things outside of guitar. I also couldn’t play a lot of these chords or create the same atmospheres on just a guitar. I can create more emotion or more complex arrangements when I use a digital piano or synth.”

First single “Bottle It Up” is a glassy, atmospheric psych-pop jam that distinctly recalls recent Tame Impala. The melodic sensibility isn’t that far removed from what Hundredth have shown in the past, but they’ve used a whole different set of tools to get there. The band has just shared an appropriately dreamy video from director Brent Campanelli; check out that video and the Somewhere Nowhere tracklist below.

01 “Somewhere Nowhere”
02 “Out Of Sight”
03 “Bottle It Up”
04 “Leave Yourself”
05 “Silver”
06 “Whatever”
07 “Iridescent”
08 “Slack”
09 “Why”
10 “End Up Alone”
11 “Cauterize”
12 “Burn Slow”
13 “Way Out”
14 “Too Late”

The self-released Somewhere Nowhere is out 10/9; pre-order it here.