McDonald’s Warns Employees That Travis Scott Fans May Order By Blasting “Sicko Mode”


McDonald’s Warns Employees That Travis Scott Fans May Order By Blasting “Sicko Mode”


McDonald’s Travis Scott Meal is too dang popular. It may just be a Quarter Pounder burger with medium fries and a Sprite, but the youths are eating it up. Some locations are running out of ingredients like beef and lettuce. People are stealing restaurants’ Travis Scott posters and selling them on eBay for hundreds of dollars. And customers are annoying the fuck out of McDonald’s employees by blasting “Sicko Mode” at them. It’s lit!

Ordering the Travis Scott meal by playing “Sicko Mode” has already become a meme on TikTok. Fans drive up to McDonald’s drive-thru window, say “You know why I’m here,” and then blast the song. Unsurprisingly, McDonald’s employees are not loving it. In one video, a customer ordering at the drive-thru asks: “Do you have the Travis Scott Meal?” The employee responds: “Are you going to blast music in my ear?”

McDonald’s corporate has even had to warn employees about the meal’s popularity. Yesterday, Business Insider reports, McDonald’s chief marketing officer and the head of McDonald’s Operator’s National Advertising Fund sent out a memo asking franchisees to “make sure crew knows how much you appreciate their efforts in support of this promotion” and explaining the catchphrases that fans have been using.

“Various Travis Scott Meal marketing materials include the line, ‘Say Cactus Jack sent you,’ leading some customers to say, ‘Cactus Jack sent me’ or other social-media-inspired variations including: ‘It’s lit, sickomode,’ ‘The fornite guy burger,’ or ‘You know why I am here’ (while playing Travis Scott music),” the memo read. “To reduce confusion, please make crew aware of these monikers or alternate ordering methods.”

When Travis Scott celebrated the product launch by making a surprise appearance at a McDonald’s in California last week, fans broke through a barricade and mobbed him while he broadcast on Instagram Live. TMZ reports that Scott and the McDonald’s location in Downey, CA have both been cited by the city over a lack of permits for the event and will have to pay a fine of $200 each. Straight up!


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