Travis Scott, Young Thug, & M.I.A.’s Kimmel Performance Is Basically A Second “Franchise” Video

Travis Scott already directed one music video for “Franchise,” his new single with Young Thug and M.I.A. And for last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, he basically delivered an entire second alternate video. We’re still in the remote-performance era of late-night TV thanks to the persistence of COVID-19, so rather than assembling this superstar trio onstage in LA, Scott put together some highly stylized footage that doesn’t even pretend to be a live televised performance.

The clip alternates between shots of Scott riding in a convertible Mercedes SUV and the various performers rapping in front of white backdrop designed to look like a closeup of Scott’s white T-shirt. Sometimes there are giant french fries too because of course there are. From the looks of it, Scott and Thugger might have been together on set, but M.I.A. definitely filmed her parts remotely.

Check it out below.

I still can’t get over Travis Scott rapping “When we open gates up at Utopia, it’s like Zootopia.”