Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – “Hesitating Nation” & “Thousand Oaks”

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – “Hesitating Nation” & “Thousand Oaks”

Blog-rock survivors Clap Your Hands Say Yeah are still kicking. The most recent CYHSY album, The Tourist, was released in 2017, and today Alec Ounsworth has announced a new full-length called New Fragility, which will be out at the beginning of next year. The title comes from a David Foster Wallace quote and points toward a more socially conscious bent, and indeed its dual lead singles “Hesitating Nation” and “Thousand Oaks” are both about politics. The latter references a mass shooting that took place in 2018, while the former takes on the United States’ apathy to change.

“These songs are politically motivated, which is unusual for me,” Ounsworth said in a press release. “The only other song I’ve written about the failed democracy that is the United States is ‘Upon This Tidal Wave Of Young Blood.’ [‘Hesitating Nation’] is a song meant to convey my sense of disappointment and alienation with the rewarded mentality of getting ahead at all costs, inevitably to the detriment of those who didn’t sign up to be part of the experiment.”

Listen to both below.

01 “Hesitating Nation”
02 “Thousand Oaks”
03 “Dee, Forgiven”
04 “New Fragility”
05 “Innocent Weight”
06 “Mirror Song”
07 “CYHSY, 2005″
08 “Where They Perform Miracles”
09 “Went Looking For Trouble”
10 “If I Were More Like Jesus”

New Fragility is out 1/29 via CYHSY/Secretly Distribution. Pre-order it here.

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