Rosie Carney – “Bones” (Radiohead Cover)

Rosie Carney – “Bones” (Radiohead Cover)

Like many musicians, Irish singer-songwriter Rosie Carney took up a recording project during quarantine. At first she thought she’d cut a cover of Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Trees,” but after realizing how many artists have already done that song, she decided to go ahead and cover the whole album.

In December, Carney will release a full-length cover of The Bends, the guitar-powered, fan-beloved 1995 album that served as Radiohead’s bridge between miserable one-hit wonders and reluctant rock saviors. She transformed the whole album into ghostly, Carrie & Lowell-esque folk music, and today she gives the world its first preview, a version of “Bones” that converts the hard-charging rocker into something delicate and spectral. It used to fly like Peter pan, but now it floats and flickers.

In a press release, she shares this statement:

I recorded “Bones” the day before I flew home to spend the rest of lockdown with my family in Ireland. I listened to it nonstop as I travelled from my flat in London into the middle of nowhere. Every single line resonated with me on such a deep level and after this one I became far more confident in how I wanted the songs to sound if they were mine.

You might say she felt it in her bones! Watch Carney’s self-made video for the track below.

The Bends is out 12/11 via Color Study.

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