Kenny G Is On The Weeknd’s “In Your Eyes” Remix, And It Kind Of Rules

Kenny G Is On The Weeknd’s “In Your Eyes” Remix, And It Kind Of Rules

Are we standing on the precipice of a Kenny G comeback? Stranger things have happened. The smooth-jazz sax-man, who was impossibly and bafflingly huge in the early ’90s, has always shown a certain level of self-awareness about his own presence in the world. Just under a year ago, the man appeared on Kanye West’s “Use This Gospel,” the same Jesus Is King track where Clipse reunited, and he sounded spectacular. (A reminder: Jesus Is King was less than a year ago. We are in an unfathomable time vortex right now.) Earlier this month, Kenny took part in the Postal Service’s online comedy bit about holding auditions. And now, our man is on a damn Weeknd remix.

The Weeknd’s “In Your Eyes” is not a Peter Gabriel cover. Instead, it’s one of the slickest and warmest tracks from his huge 2020 album After Hours. The Weeknd co-wrote “In Your Eyes” with Max Martin and Oscar Holter, and it’s already been a top-20 hit. The song already had a cool slasher-movie video and a remix with Doja Cat. And now Kenny G is on it.

Today, the Weeknd has released a new version of “In Your Eyes” that starts and ends with some incendiary Kenny G sax-tootles, and I have to tell you: It works. The sound of “In Your Eyes” is closer to big ’80s pop than it is to Kenny G’s glory days, but big ’80s pop had a lot of room for saxophone solos. With Kenny G involved, “In Your Eyes” practically demands its own Miami Vice montage. It sounds like M83’s “Midnight City” got a blockbuster reboot. Check it out below.

The Weeknd and Kenny G actually performed the song together last month as part of the Time 100 TV special. Here’s that performance:

After Hours is out now on XO Republic.

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