Watch The Trailer For Hunky Dory-Era Bowie Movie Stardust

Watch The Trailer For Hunky Dory-Era Bowie Movie Stardust

Stardust is the new movie focusing on David Bowie’s first visit to America in 1971, the trip that inspired much of his Hunky Dory album and started him on the path toward creating his iconic Ziggy Stardust character. Tagline: “David before Bowie.” A clip from the movie premiered back in April, and now, ahead of its release next month, the official trailer is here.

Gabriel Range directed Stardust, which he also cowrote with Christopher Bell (not the Big Star guy). It stars Johnny Flynn as Bowie and Marc Maron as Mercury Records publicist Ron Oberman — the one guy at the label who believed in Bowie, as the movie tells it, who chauffeured him around the US and helped him conceive of an alternate persona. Jena Malone also appears in the trailer, phoning Bowie with a pep talk.

Although Stardust is purportedly not a biopic, the trailer strikes a sentimental, inspirational tone common to Hollywood biopics. What I’m saying is it does not look like this movie will be as deep and challenging as Blackstar.

Watch below.

Stardust is out in theaters and VOD on 11/25 via IFC Films.

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