Marilyn Manson Hangs Up On Interviewer When Asked About Evan Rachel Wood’s Abuse Allegations


Marilyn Manson Hangs Up On Interviewer When Asked About Evan Rachel Wood’s Abuse Allegations


Marilyn Manson hung up after being asked about Evan Rachel Wood’s abuse allegations during a telephone interview for the UK magazine Metal Hammer.

In 2018, Wood spoke in front of the House Judiciary Subcommittee in support of the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill Of Rights Act. In her testimony, she said that she was assaulted and detailed an abusive relationship with a timeline that seems to match up with the period that she was in a relationship with Manson. She again spoke the following year in California during a hearing for the Phoenix Act, a bill that was passed in the state which extended the statute of limitations on domestic violence felonies.

Wood started dating Manson on-and-off in 2006. They were engaged in 2010 before breaking it off seven months later. Manson has never responded to the claims and Wood has not publicly identified who she was talking about in the testimony. (In 2019, she responded to someone on Twitter that she had not named her abuser because “they threatened to kill me or have me killed.”)

Her videotaped testimony went viral again earlier this year, which prompted scrutiny into Manson as he promoted a new album, which was released in September.

During an interview that occurred last month, Metal Hammer asked whether Manson had a response to Wood’s testimony, which is when he hung up on them without comment. After following up with his representatives multiple times, a PR rep told them: “We have never refused to respond. You have chosen not to tell us what you are writing and it’s impossible to respond to something we don’t know the content of.”

The magazine came back with 10 questions — which you can view here — relating to Wood’s allegations and things that Manson has said publicly over the years, including lyrics on his most recent album that seem to be about “victim culture” and comments he made in a 2009 interview in which he said that he had “fantasies every day about smashing [Wood’s] skull in with a sledgehammer.”

Manson did not respond to their questions personally, though a UK PR representative for the musician did. “Personal testimony is just that, and we think it’s inappropriate to comment on that,” they wrote. “You then go on to talk about Manson being accused of ‘terrible things’ by unnamed ‘critics’ but offer no guidance on who these critics are and what these things are, so it’s not possible to comment.”

You can read the Manson representative’s full statement and the questions they were asked here.

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