Watch Members Of Spirit Adrift, High On Fire, & Pallbearer Cover Thin Lizzy

Watch Members Of Spirit Adrift, High On Fire, & Pallbearer Cover Thin Lizzy

Last week, Jordan Olds’ great weekly video series Two Minutes To Late Night, one of the great shining lights of the quarantine era, featured Marissa Nadler leading a band of metal all-stars through a version of Journey’s “Of A Lifetime.” This week, Two Minutes To Late Night salutes another titan of ’70s rock, as some of the best musicians in the doom metal universe have taken on Thin Lizzy’s “Emerald.”

The original “Emerald” comes from Thin Lizzy’s canonical 1976 album Jailbreak. The track is a true deep cut — last song on the album, never released as a single. Supposedly, it’s the Irish hard rockers’ take on the traditional folk music of their homeland, though it really just sounds like a badass riff-heavy stomper with some cool ornate-guitar interludes. It ends with Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson going into dueling-guitar-solo overdrive, so you can see why a bunch of dudes from bands might want to try playing the song.

In the Two Minutes To Late Night version, Jeff Martin, from the Columbus band Lo-Pan, sings lead. Old Man Gloom member Santos Montano beats up some drums. Jeff Matz, of the great power trio High On Fire, plays bass, and he also plays guitars. In fact, this version of “Emerald” has four different guitarists going in: Matz, Spirit Adrift’s Nate Garrett, Pallbearer’s Brett Campbell, and Jordan Olds himself. Below, watch all the shredding and listen to the Thin Lizzy original.

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