Watch Marissa Nadler Team Up With Members Of Converge & Cave In For Journey Metal Cover

Watch Marissa Nadler Team Up With Members Of Converge & Cave In For Journey Metal Cover

The Halloween festivities are over, and now the great Two Minutes To Late Night series is back to its regularly scheduled programming. Once again, the comedian Jordan Olds has rounded up a group of metal, punk, and hardcore luminaries to cover a classic song. This time, it’s not a song with any kind of seasonal significance. Instead, it’s Olds and his comrades performing a vital public service — resurrecting a mostly-forgotten banger that sounds even better when it’s converted into blazing, triumphant doom metal.

For this week, Two Minutes to Late Night has revisited “Of A Lifetime,” a song from Journey’s self-titled 1975 debut album. There are so many Journey songs that would’ve made for obvious covers. “Of A Lifetime” is not one of them. Instead, “Of A Lifetime” comes from the era when Journey were, more or less, a prog band. It’s from the era three years before the band recruited lead singer Steve Perry and started making hits. Instead, what we’re looking at here is a seven-minute jam built around a snaky riff and structured for maximum peaks-and-valleys catharsis. It’s perfect for a metal makeover, and now it’s got one.

The doomy folk singer Marissa Nadler, who sang lead on the Two Minutes To Late Night version of Dusty Springfield’s “Spooky” a few weeks ago, is back, and she’s standing in for OG Journey leader Greg Rolie. She recorded her parts in what appears to be a misty fog cabin. Nadler’s Droneflower collaborator, the Two Minutes To Late Night regular and Cave In/Mutoid Man frontman Stephen Brodsky, busts out some blazing guitar heroics, playing a flying-V in an empty Saint Vitus.

Kurt Ballou, the Converge guitarist who’s probably the greatest heavy-music producer working today, plays bass in front of a gigantic array of amps. Jordan Olds, in his Gwarsenio Hall persona, plays keytar while perched on top of a boulder. Guitarist Ian Miller, of Oakland sludge band Kowloon Walled City, and drummer Nick Bellamore, of Portland thrashers Toxic Holocaust, also take part. The whole thing is just awesome. Watch it and listen to the Journey original below.

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