Stream City Of Industry’s Expressive, Frantic New Hardcore Album False Flowers

Stream City Of Industry’s Expressive, Frantic New Hardcore Album False Flowers

The Seattle hardcore trio City Of Industry has only been putting out music since 2017, but they’ve already released a couple of albums and an EP. Today, the band came out with False Flowers, their third LP, and it’s an absolute ripper. This seems to be one of those situations where a band cranks out a whole lot of music because it’s evolving at a dizzy speed, documenting each new change as it arrives. False Flowers is the sound of a band pushing forward relentlessly, trying new things.

Talking to No Echo, frontman Ossa Humiliata names Fucked Up as a key inspiration — and you can see it, even if City Of Industry don’t actually sound anything like Fucked Up. Both bands have the same kind of fearlessness when it comes to their shared genre. City Of Industry have a wracked, intense, emotional take one hardcore — one that’s less about the mosh-part breakdowns and more about keeping yourself sane by screaming about the shit that’s pushing you toward the brink.

On False Flowers, City Of Industry have a grand, crashing sound that sometimes lets in little pieces of melody. The last song on the album is a rootsy folk instrumental, and there are bits of placid piano and jagged noise-rock amidst the storm. This is the kind of band that likes to take left turns. City Of Industry recorded the album at Phil Elverum’s Unknown studio, and we’ve already posted the early track “The Body Is A Faithless, Fleeting Friend.” The whole album rules, and you can stream it below.

False Flowers is out now on Amerikan Aesthetics Records.

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